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Designs are hand carved and inlayed with acrylic accept when described as a "sticker."

 All retainers are fabricated from a doctor’s prescription slip.

 If you would like your retainer made with a custom design you may want to refer your doctor to our web site.

It has been our experience that most doctors understandably prefer to work with their own laboratory. Your doctor’s lab may already offer

custon designs and they are  welcome to copy any design from our site.

If your doctor wants  to use our lab for your retainer he/she can go to LAB SERVICES for instructions on how to send your appliances to

Harris Orthodontic Laboratory.     

We would be glad to create a custom design just for you. 








Upper Crozat

Boxy  Cat

Polka Dots with Initials

Peace Love and Happiness


Corner Cat




Apples and Oranges



Corner  Cow





Polka Dots

Hello Kitty

Don't Toss (No Brainers!)

Gecko on Neon Green


Baseball on Expansion Appliance

  Checker Board


  Corner Rabbit




   Happy Face

  Fantasy Butterfly


    I Love Soccer

  Monogram "N" Copper Glitter


  Red Rose

  Tropical Fish


  Ying Yang

  Bee Happy on Lavendar Glitter



  Ladybug Leaf


  Dragonfly with clear wings

   Polka Dots

   Dream Husband

   Zebra  with Star



  Rose on Lavender



  Stars on dark pink



  I love Soccer on Blue Glitter

 Orange Slice

Lightning Bolt


  Hugs and Kisses

  Lower Watermelon


   Hearts on Silver Glitter

  Corner Pig



 Peace on Glow with Lime Glitter

  Lower Rainbow Glitter

 Schwartz Expansion Appliance

 Tangerine with Orange Glitter


  The "real" Hello Kitty

  Lower Paw Prints on Fushia

   Tie Dye



   Class of


Polka Dots on Fushia with Glitter

     Rainbow with Peace Sign



  Custom Team Name on Black

Soccer Ball on Turquoise

Flat Anterior Bow Wrap Around

Rainbow Glitter  with Soccer Ball


Tinkerbell "Sticker" on Opal Glitter

with Ball Clasps



Rainbow Glitter

Flat Anterior Bow with Adams Clasps

 Neon Happy Face

 Ball Clasps


Neon Pink Tiger Stripes  

Paw Prints on Turquoise

Interproximal Clasps

Fixed Band and Loop

Space Maintainer

Eight Ball on Blue


Eight Ball

      Invisible Retainer

Read about invisible retainers

   City Lights

       Fixed Lower 3 x 3



    Big Bucks


Wrap Around with Flat Wire Bow

Fixed Lower LIngual arch with

band on first molars




   "C" Clasps with two Springs

  Heart of the Sea

  "Cowhorn" to close Central Incisors

Wrap around with copper glitter

Lower Retainer with Neon Green



Floral Bouquet on Lavendar


Hearts on Turquoise

TMJ Splint for Bruxisim

Haas Fixed Expansion Appliance

Apple Green Acrylic



Turquoise with turquoise glitter

Retainer with "C" Clasps

Upper retainer with tooth

Upper Retainer ready for acrylic

Molar "I" clasps will be shortened

to fit at the finishing stage .

Finished Upper Retainer with Clear Acrylic


Lower Retainer ready for acrylic

Lower Retainers are constructed with a lingual strengthening wire soldered to the anterior bow and any clasps required.


Finished Lower Retainer with Clear acrylic



                                      Custom Design Chart